Furniture Reuse We need your reusable unwanted furniture for our warehouse Shabitat, where people on low income can kit out their homes on a budget. We also give away items through our Homeless Furniture Project. This project started in 1995 in partnership with Brighton Council's “Homeless Section”. Even though supported by the council and run for the benefit of those in need, this project wouldn't survive without the valuable support from the many Brighton & Hove residents that donate their unwanted furniture. The aim of this project is to provide basic essential items of furniture to people who have been homeless, to help them settle into their new homes and hopefully prevent them from entering back into the cycle of homelessness. Every year the project delivers to over 150 referrals providing free furniture totalling more than 1200 items, to individuals and families in the City.   We need: Bed bases and mattresses. Sofas and armchairs. chests of drawers, wardrobes, desks, tables and chairs, office furniture and anything unloved but interesting.   Please note that all upholstered items like sofas, armchairs and mattresses need to have a Fire Safety Label attached to them.   If you have an item for collection, please call us on 01273 677577   Collections can be arranged between 9.30 and 12.30 or 1.30 and 5.00 weekdays and some Saturday mornings.    Shabitat   Is open between 9.00 and 5.00 weekdays   11.00 and 5.00 weekends when you can deliver items to us. Please make sure a member of staff is aware of your delivery.   Please understand that we cannot accept any items that are unsuitable to be passed on, and occasionally a surplus of certain furniture might prevent us accepting any more similar items.       Include picture of furniture project delivery with brief anecdote about the clients circumstances Also picture of items being collected from donation.