Magpie's GreenBox is Brighton and Hove's original/alternative kerbside recycling collection started in 1996. We currently collect from around 1200 customers through out the city using our electric vehicles.

Why choose a GreenBox if you already have the councils black box?

  • We collect weekly. This means you won't have as much recycling in your kitchen or on your doorstep.
  • We collect a wider range of materials. This includes most types of plastics, textiles, tetra packs/juice cartons, tin foil, small electricals.
  • We don't ship any of our materials abroad. Everything we collect is recycled as locally as possible.
  • Friendly reliable service. All our workers are part of the cooperative. They are always happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • We use electrical vehicles powered by green energy.

The Magpie GreenBox charge is only £16 per quarter payable in advance. This works out at only £1.23 a week.

To check if we are covering your street, you can call us on 01273 684425 or Email

Alternatively you can sign up for out Opt-In service, which means we collect when you have 2 full bags of recyclables.




GreenBox currently collects;


Unlike most local councils we collect most types of plastics. Bottles, take away trays, fruit punnets, shampoo bottles and other plastic packaging and much more.We take all PET 1 & 2 plastics. If you are unsure a simple test is to bend the plastic, if it doesn't shatter then, we will probably take it. Please flatten big bottles where possible.


Including newspapers, magazines,  writing paper, envelopes, junk mail, telephone directories. Can now be mixed with cardboard.


All types including cereal boxes, egg cartons, postcard etc. Please flatten all boxes. Can be mixed with paper.


We take both aluminium drink cans and steel food tins. These can be mixed. Please rinse and flatten/crush.


We take all glass jars and bottles. Rinsed and lids removed. If you only have a few, you can leave these in the box without putting in separate bag.


Aluminium Inludes pre-prepared food containers and glass milk bottle tops. It is very important that the foil is clean. Dirty foil can't be recycled. 



Clean unwanted clothes, bedding, duvets, pillows, bags, pairs of shoes.(we can't take lots of duvets & pillows in one go as there isn't room on the float)


Cartons (Tetra Packs)

Juice cartons, milk cartons. Please rinse and flatten and remove lids.


You can also bring to our depot any of the following : batteries, Brita water filters, energy saving light bulbs, CD's,DVD's.





In order for us to run an efficient & reliable service we ask that all of our customers follow these few simple rules………

Please put your box out by 8.30am on your collection day.

The time that we collect can vary and we cannot come back for a box if it was not put out in time.

We also collect as normal on all Bank Holidays regardless of the day, except Christmas.

We will let you know of any collection changes.

For the 5 minutes it takes each house to sort their Green Box each week it can save us hours of valuable time.

If each box is sorted into carrier bags(or other bags or string if you don't want to use carriers or however you find it best to do this ) into the specific groups then the collectors on the floats need only to empty that bag into its compartment on the float.

This helps us make sure that all are bails are contaminate free and will always be recycled and we take out manually anything that shouldn't be there.

If the box is unsorted & all jumbled up together then the collector has to sort each box on the float which can take up to 5 minutes a box.

Now it may sound a bit daft & very obvious but we do ask that everyone leaves their Green Box in a prominent position, so that it can be easily

seen from the road side.

It can be left on the pavement as it is a Kerbside collection and we do have the Council's clearance for boxes to be left there.

Boxes that are tucked away behind trees, bushes & fences are often the ones that are 'missed' on the collection day and obviously we want people to

get their boxes collected, so it make sense to make 'em visible (there's no need for flags or flashing lights!).

If its raining on your collection day (which does happen quite a bit in Blighty !) then do not cover your box or move it out of the rain, the back of the

floats are open to the elements so the materials get wet anyway…as do the collectors!

Also we are human and sometimes we will miss your box by mistake, just give us a call or mail and we will come out and empty it for you.