Shabi Chic Boutique

At Shabitat we also have an in-store clothes boutique.

At "Shabi Chic" you can find quality second hand clothes and shoes, vintage items and customised pieces.

All at very reasonable prices.





Prices for the secondhand

clothes start at

Jeans and Trousers £2

T-Shirt and Tops    £1

Skirts and Dresses  £2

jackets and Coats   £3 

Shoes and Bags      £2


We try to keep the prices of our clothes selection as low as possible to encourage reuse.

Only 25% of textiles gets recycled in the UK and the rest end up in landill and make up 12% of these sites.

Some people don't realise that even if a garment is too worn to be reused, it can still be recycled.

We also offer a free texiles colllection service for one large bin liner bag size or more.

You can call us on 01273 677577 to arrange a collection.



We also have a customising and alterations studio at Shabitat where eco designer Leftover takes your unwanted texiles and trinkets and turns them into one of a kind pieces, cushions, fascinators and much more.

You can bring in your own ill fitted garments for a "wardrobe surgery". With a little help you can have a revamped wardrobe without going to the highstreet. Leftover also offer weekly sewing classes.

For more info check out


To be able to keep our prices as low as possible, we rely on volunteers.

If you have a few spare hours a week and would like to get involved. Please get in touch.